We have gathered some websites that might be interesting to you. Just click on a link below to visit that site. Before adding each link, we verified they were safe and alive when posting. We are not responsible for any issues you might experience clicking on these links. If you need assistance with any of the links, please contact us at 303-886-3553 for support. Thank you.

Cliqz web browser – A free web browser that’s fast and super secure.

Firefox Send – A free service from Mozilla that allows users to send private and encrypted files to anyone.

Terms of Service Didn’t Read – A summary of various Terms of Service for popular services rated Class A (good) to E (bad).

Scam Awareness – It’s purpose is educate users on current scams that are in effect and how to protect against them.

Udemy – A self-paced online academy for professionals that offers classes for a host of different industry disciplines.

Easy Bib – Free Bibliography generator for papers or other media when citing a source.

Secure List – A website dedicated to tracking the last malware threats around the globe.