Here are the steps we used to get Scan to Email working on a Kyocera CS 4551ci using Office 365

1. First, make sure you have an Office 365 mailbox setup with at least a Basic license for sending and receiving emails.

2. Click on the mailbox, select the Mail tab, then select “Manage email apps”. Make sure Authenticated SMTP is checked, and click Save changes

3. Next, under the Exchange Admin Center, click on Mail Flow, then Connectors. Click Add Connector, and select “Your organization’s email Server, then Next. Enter a name and description, and make sure “Turn it on” is checked. Click next and select “By verifying the IP Address of the sending server” and enter the public IP address that your copier is using. To find this, open a browser on a computer on-site and in a Google Search type “What is my public IP address” you should see something like (made up address for illustration). Add this into the field (Click the Plus button) and click Next and “Create connector”. That’s it for the Office 365 side.

4. Now login to your web admin page for your copier. It should be a private IP address on your LAN. Login using Admin for the username and Admin for the password (Default – case sensitive). If it’s been changed, you’ll need to get that from your IT Administrator or Office Manager.

5. Under Network Settings > TCP/IP and make sure you have a gateway address and DNS Server (at least one) entered here or the Server will be unable to communicate with the Office 365 SMTP Servers.

6. Under Function Settings > E-mail, make sure the following information is entered. Replace the red line with your email address of the account you are using to relay. Click Submit when done.

7. if you don’t see “STARTTLS” listed under SMTP Security, you’ll need to click the Protocol link under it (after clicking Submit or you will lose whatever you have entered so far). Then under Protocol Settings, make sure STARTTLS is selected under SMTP (E-mail TX). Click Submit. Don’t Restart the copier yet.

8. Finally, under Security Settings > Network Security make sure SSL is on at the top. Also, make sure only TLS 1.2 is enabled for both Serverside and Clientside settings for TLS Version. Click Submit.

9. Now you can Restart the copier. Either manually power it down at the copier using the Power button, or you can Restart it from the Web Admin. At the bottom of the page we were just on or any of the others, just above the Submit button, there is a Reset link. Click this and select “Restart Device.”

Under  Function Settings > E-mail, you can click the Test button and hopefully, you will see this message РConnection OK. If not, review your settings and this document again.

We hope this helps. This document is for internal use and is shared for your convenience.

NOTE: Unfortunately, we weren’t able to use these settings with a Kyocera 5550ci which doesn’t seem to support TLS 1.2 at the time of this posting, so we had to use a Gmail account. Again, replace our red line with your account name and click Submit when finished (Make sure SSL is ON by click the “here” link in the screenshot below the SMTP Security). You will also have to make sure your Gmail account has “Less Secure Apps” enabled, otherwise, this will fail. In this article, click on the “Less secure app access” link and enable the slider –

UPDATED: Google ended support for “less secure apps” for it’s free mail accounts starting May 30, 2022. The new solution is using SMTP with OAUTH 2.0, here is the article –

Additionally, you can still use older versions of TLS with Office 365, that information is found here –

Exchange Admin Center > Settings > Mail flow > Mail flow settings

This document is for internal use and shared for your convenience. Please pardon our brevity.