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Sonicwall RADIUS to Windows Server

These are some basic instructions for getting RADIUS authentication setup between a Sonicwall firewall (TZ-Series) and a Windows Server (2016, 2019, etc).     1. Starting on the WIndows Server side first, open Network Policy Server (under Control Panel >...

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Macrium Clone to Different Hardware

Booting from a USB-connected drive is not allowed by Windows (if you have cloned and not imaged), it is an anti-piracy measure implemented by Microsoft, so you will need to connect the drive internally to the system, and also below are the full instructions for...

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Migrate Azure AD Connect to new server

Windows Server 2012 is officially reaching end of life October 10, 2023 and will no longer receive security updates, non-security updates, bug fixes, technical support, or online technical content updates. Additionally, the Azure AD Connect v1 is also being retired,...

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Adobe Acrobat Licensing Issues

One of our clients was having an issue moving from an older version of Adobe Acrobat Pro to a newer version. This was a retail version of Adobe and not via the Cloud. During the install, we entered the new serial number and then after the install completed correctly,...

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Microsoft Surface boot disk inaccessible

Here are some instructions to help fix "boot disk inaccessible" on a Microsoft Surface laptop or Pro, unless the disk has hardware damage. In which case, you'll need to contact Microsoft to check if the device is still under warranty. If not, you can still setup a...

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