Booting from a USB-connected drive is not allowed by Windows (if you have cloned and not imaged), it is an anti-piracy measure implemented by Microsoft, so you will need to connect the drive internally to the system, and also below are the full instructions for deploying to another hardware:
1. Create a rescue media on a USB flash drive as explained below:
2. Create a system image of your source computer as in step 2 in the link below and save that image to an external drive or a network share depending on your environment:
Please note that restoring an image onto another system would completely overwrite the target system.
Boot the target system with the rescue media and browse for the image file then select it:
Before starting the restore it is important to verify that there is no difference in the architecture of the image and the system to be restored to, otherwise this target system will never boot into Windows.
After the verification of the architecture, restore the image as in step 3 below:
Finally after the restore completes run Redeploy: