Here are some instructions to help fix “boot disk inaccessible” on a Microsoft Surface laptop or Pro, unless the disk has hardware damage. In which case, you’ll need to contact Microsoft to check if the device is still under warranty. If not, you can still setup a repair ticket and see if the cost is within budget.

1. Make sure you can read the Serial Number on the back of the Microsoft Surface. Write this down.

2. If you are not sure which Model you have, you can register it with Microsoft online under and it will show you which model you have. Write this down.

3. Once you have your Serial Number and Model info, head over to Surface Recovery Image Download at and download the image.

4. Once you have the image, follow the instructions at the bottom of the link above to Create the USB Recovery Drive.

5. Insert the USB drive into the laptop and then power the system down if not already. Then hold down the Volume down rocker or Function key then press Power. Release the power button after you hear it power on, but continue holding down the volume down key until the Windows logo appears, then let it go.

6. It may take several minutes for the system to start. Follow these instructions to finish the process:

Again, these are just our summary notes for some changes. This article is not meant to serve as an official Fortinet tutorial or configuration instruction.