One of our clients was having an issue moving from an older version of Adobe Acrobat Pro to a newer version. This was a retail version of Adobe and not via the Cloud. During the install, we entered the new serial number and then after the install completed correctly, the application would close on it’s own. Trying to run the application again resulted in it shutting down again a few seconds after opening.

We tried using the Adobe Cleaner tool but it didn’t help this situation.

1. Go into Control Panel > Programs and Features and make sure all version of Adobe Acrobat are uninstalled.

2. Navigate to the following folders and delete the “Adobe” folder in each one

C:\Program Files
C:\Program Files\Common Files
C:\Program Files (x86)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files

Hit the Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog box and then enter APPDATA, then OK.


Now that all the Adobe folders have been deleted, reinstall Adobe Acrobat Pro (Don’t need to reboot). Enter the serial key and then login to your Adobe Acrobat account and hopefully everything is working now.