When connecting a Serial to USB Console cable in Windows 10, it might not open a COM port automatically.


Use the URL above to download the VCP Driver for your platform (Windows) and architecture (x64). Open it and extract the contents (there’s no installer).

Then open Device Manager and find the missing driver for FT232R USB UART. Right-click and update driver and navigate to the root of the folder above.

Afterwards, if another missing driver shows up called USB Serial Port (or something like that), repeat the same process and you should now see a new (old familiar) tab in Device Manager called Ports. And it should say something like USB Serial Port (COM3)

If you don’t, in Device Manager, expand USB Controllers at the bottom, then right-click on USB Serial Converter. Make sure “Load VCP” Is checked, then reinsert the USB cable.

You should now be able to use something like Putty to connect to COM3 using your Serial to USB Console cable.