To change the default sensor setting of the OKI Microline 690 from On to Off for smaller labels that sometimes don’t register with the sensor and cause an Alarm.


To enter Menu Mode on the ML 690, make sure there is paper in the printer and SEL light is OFF (Offline).

Hold down the CHR PITCH key then press the PRINT SPEED key.

Once in Menu Mode, press the GROUP Key and it will print out what Group you are in. Keep pressing Group until in the SETUP group. Then press the ITEM key until the printer prints out “Paper End Detection” which is the third item. Then press SET to change the setting to “Off”.

Once that it set, once again, hold the CHR PITCH key then press the PRINT SPEED key to exit Menu Mode. If you don’t exit properly, the settings will not survive a power cycle. The printer should print “Save Menu”.

Now you can use the printer normally again and will notice the alarm light will not illuminate when out of paper now and will print regardless.

More info here – https://www.oki.com/printing/download/45690601EE1_ML690_UG_EN_126798.pdf?id=45690601EE